For quality creations that meet your requirements, our company is a GUARANTEE


Our company recognizes the maintenance needs that exist in residential and business building spaces and provides all the services that cover the design and implementation that a space may need with the presentation of three-dimensional plans (3D). We undertake both the design and implementation of the project with experienced and trained staff.

Energy Efficient Home

Our company undertakes the complete energy consumption upgrades of your building in order to bring financial and environmental benefits as well as comfort and functionality for yourself.

Energy performance certificates (EPC)

Our company undertakes the issuance of energy performance certificates (EPC). We undertake the immediate visit to your place and the issuance of the energy certificate within one working day. The EPC is a document that shows the energy category to which each building belongs. Energy Performance Certificates are now mandatory for all buildings in every rental and purchase of real estate.

Electronic building ID

Our company is by your side for the creation and register of your file with all the necessary supporting documents of the Electronic building identity. We undertake both private/public buildings and facilities.

Subdised program(EU/Greece) to upgrade your building.

Knowing the exact process and having implemented a large number of tasks through the program with 100% success, we undertake your integration into the program as well as its implementation.

Store licences

Our company with excellent knowledge of the Urban Planning, Health and Fire legislation and regulations, undertakes the preparation of all the necessary studies, documents and procedures for the issuance of the operating license of your business.

Smart Home

Our company undertakes entirely the studies of installation and management of all automations in the smart home, always staying informed regarding the new technologies of safety and energy saving.
We can adapt the functions you want to your building ensuring your own conditions of comfort and convenience. The Smart Home is a solution that allows the owner to have complete control of his building while he is not in it. The user can control his building’s lighting, cooling ,heating, ventilation, security and monitoring systems as well as all the other electrical appliances of the building via mobile phone, computer or tablet.

Fire safety studies

Our company with great experience in the field of Fire Safety undertakes the elaboration of fire protection studies which are approved by the Fire Department in order to complete the whole process of renewal – issuance of the company’s certificate.

Sound studies

The company can conduct sound studies with the appropriate tools (sound level meters). The study includes floor plans, details and technical descriptions.

Electromechanical studies

Our company is active in providing integrated services for Energy and Electromechanical projects.

Projects such as:

Electrical plans of homes – businesses

Our company can prepare thorough studies and design the electrical installation in your building. With the experience and the technical training that we possess, we guarantee an even result in the most economical and safe way.

Luxury Houses

The construction of luxury houses has been one of the main activities of our company for 50 years. We are well informed with innovative aesthetics and we always provide a flawless result without mistakes, shortcomings and time delays. The modern design of the houses combined with modern materials and luxurious details create a unique result. For us a successful project is the one that covers all of you needs and nothing less than that.Ο μοντέρνος σχεδιασμός των χώρων σε συνδυασμό με τα σύγχρονα υλικά και τις λεπτομέρειες που προσδίδουν πολυτέλεια δημιουργούν ένα μοναδικό αποτέλεσμα. Στόχος μας όλα αυτά τα χρόνια είναι τα έργα μας να αντιπροσωπεύουν τις δικές ανάγκες για να έχουμε ένα πετυχημένο έργο.


Construction guarantee

Real Estate Sales

Our company, always guided by quality, has a series of exceptional real estate to choose for purchase according to your needs.

Agreements with land owners

Our company undertakes the construction of real estate on your land with the agreement of the consideration and always with the best result for our clients.


Our company is supported by a group of trained staff who have specialized for years in excavation and demolition of buildings. Providing professionalism and consistency.

Land registry

Οur company undertakes the collection of all the necessary documents, we locate your property and submit the declaration of your land ownership.

Legalization of building spaces

Our company undertakes the process for the settlement – legalization of the non-legal building spaces.